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Drone Services for Aerial
Videography & Photography

Cinematic Aerial Drone Operators

From drone cinematography and videography to stunning aerial images through our expert drone photography. Squinty Pixels has the qualifications, experience, and the creative eye that takes us above and beyond the crowd. Our fully licenced and inured drone pilots are the safest, smartest choice, ready to add value to your next project with unique visual content.

Aerial Photography

With steady hands and a sharp eyes, our drone pilots are some of the best in the business at capturing those jaw-dropping once-in-a-lifetime aerial snaps.

Aerial Videography

Drone videography and cinematography are our bread and butter. Our vast experience in aerial filming spans all sectors, from construction and real estate to tourism and veterinary care.

Technical Piloting

We can connect you with the technical skillsets your project needs. From drone photography for 3d modelling to drone-based LiDAR scanning and drone-based point cloud scanning for aerial mapping.

Kelvinside Hall, Glasgow

Aerial Drone Photography

Professional Projects Featuring Our Drone Services

Browse our professional projects from a range of different industries and sectors, all featuring elements of our drone videography and photography services,

Morrison Street, Glasgow

Squinty Pixels Aerial Media

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